graystitch review {and bibdanna giveaway!}

Family photo outside young family adoption graystitch bibdanna infinity scarf bowtie

I’m so thrilled to share Graystitch with you today. Graystitch is an indie handmade accessories shop (home of the bibdanna, mama infinity scarf, and bow tie we’re rockin’ in that photo!) and I think you’re going to swoon over the style and heart behind the Graystitch biz. And, keep reading, because we’re giving away two of signature bibdannas so your little ones can be stylish, too!

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

Let’s start at the beginning: Graystitch began at the beginning of this year as a mom’s desperate solution to her son’s drool. I really wish I’d have discovered bibdannas sooner, because not only are they so stinkin’ cute (hipster babies!) but they really do serve a purpose, too.

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

“I purchased many bibdannas from the Internet, but none of them we’re exactly what I wanted…so I started the journey towards the perfect Bibdanna,” Jaime says. “Graystitch bibdannas set themselves apart from the competitors by having an adjustable neckline so they can fit from 3 months to 3 years.”

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

So, what exactly is a bibdanna? A printed reversible bib that’s stitched to look like a bandannas when snapped into place. They have two layers of soft (and absorbent!) cotton flannel, which come together in a stylish yet functional solution to your little ones drool. Asher is teething right now and is a dripping machine, so ours has definitely come in handy.

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

The bibdannas are adjustable for maximum use and are typically designed for 3 months through toddlerhood. (Have a newborn? Just let them know and they’ll add another snap.)

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

Graystitch started as bibdanna, but has branched out to include everything. (Can we just pause for a minute to soak in how stinkin’ cute my kids are? Okay, proceed.)

adorable child in a bow tie

Jaime, the mama behind the brand, whips up bows, bow ties, diaper covers, shorts, diaper bags and fabric bunting. She’s fun and creative and is happy to create custom items: “I love sewing and love making exactly what you’re looking for, so please don’t hesitate if you have a vision and want me to create it!” 

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

Graystitch generously sent over a little family set for us. These accessories would be perfect for those of you who are planning a summer/fall family photo sesh. (It makes that stressful coordinating/outfit planning a breeze!) Joseph’s bow tie simply came together with velcro, and I loved the look of the infinity scarf. Jaime has an eye for picking coordinating fabric. Asher’s bibdanna had a really soft minky material on the back, and I could definitely feel the quality of the product. And, for what it’s worth, my kids loved wearing this stuff! I think they knew they looked handsome, and Joseph even asked that we send some photos to his friends Gideon and Viola.

You know I’m a fan of a deal, and Graystitch gives you a boutique look with an affordable price tag. Jaime is also offering a 10 percent off Esty code for Many Sparrows readers: Just enter “MANY10″ in the checkout!

  • Mama scarves (custom order): $13
  • Bow ties (custom order): $8
  • Bibdannas (regular): $7
  • Bibdannas (with minky backs): $10

Graystitch Bibdannas Etsy Shop Review

Graystitch mostly sells on Instagram and on Etsy. (Hint: Follow Graystitch on Instagram!) Jaime shares flash sales along with current & custom projects. And mamas from all over the world send in photos of their little ones rocking bibdannas, and those snapshots are so stinkin’ adorable.

I’m thrilled to join forces with Graystitch to give away a bibdanna to not just one, but two winners! If you have a little lady or fella in your life, you’re going to want one of these. They’d also make super thoughtful baby shower gifts.

We’re giving away these two bibdannas:

cute bibdanna giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: These items were provided by Graystitch, but all views and opinions are my own.

24 thoughts on “graystitch review {and bibdanna giveaway!}

  1. omg, those dimples! Can you stand it?!!! Those bibdannas are a great idea, and I can see on your youngest that there’s some drool on it so it’s working!

  2. The boys look adorable in their bow ties and bibdannas and can I just say how much I love the pic of your kids holding hands! Big brother leading the way for you all!

  3. This makes me wish I had a baby again, just so I could dress it up with these cute bibdannas. And oh my gosh, is your little man so cute in his bowtie!

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