pursued: the anderson family

andersons on beach transracial family adopting from south africa

You know how you have friends, and then you have your people?

Let me introduce you to the Andersons. They are our people. Like, really. They are. I wish we lived closer, because we’d probably get into a lot of trouble together and it would be awesome.

I want you to watch their story in this video because I want you to catch a glimpse into the burst-your-heart and build-it-back love that dwells in their family. (And there’s Katy Perry and who doesn’t love a good roar?)

Pursued Message Series: The Anderson Family from Crossroads Church on Vimeo.

“Put down the book and just love her through this.”

How beautiful and genuine is that video? I mean, come on! I’m so beyond excited that I’ll be road-tripping with Jessa across the country to Atlanta this spring for Created for Care.

There are so many children just like Nosipho who are waiting for a family, here and around the world. If you feel that whisper in your heart, please listen to it. Walking the path of adoption isn’t easy, but wow. God relentlessly pursues our hearts, and He writes the most redemptive and amazing stories. The best part? He lets us join Him and play a part in his renewal of all things. We just have to listen.

2 thoughts on “pursued: the anderson family

  1. What an amazingly beautiful video! I don’t know what it is about Roar but it makes me cry ALMOST every single time I listen to it! Haha – so this just put me over the top! It is such an overcomer’s song and that is SO Jesus.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful, beautiful family and amazing plan from God.

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