what makes you happy?

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I get lost in the big picture. I’m so focused on, “Where am I going? What’s my mission? Am I doing this right? Will my kids be okay?” that I zip past the happy moments, the little joys.

It had been one of those days. Mamas, I know you can feel me here. It was just before dinner, and my little crew was antsy to get outside. Actually, I was, too. I checked the weather and planned a quick walk in-between storm showers. I loaded Asher into wagon and helped Joseph with his bike helmet. We all needed some fresh air, and we took off for a couple of speedy laps around the block.

Asher wanted to lean out and collect rocks. Joseph decided it was time to try some Evil Kenevil stunts. And me? I could feel the gray hairs growing.

I think I was muttering something obscene under my breath when a friend flagged me down from the sidewalk. Oh, great, an audience for our hot-mess express.

I mustered a smile as the boys tested out their best circus acts. I didn’t really feel like chatting — it was supposed to rain and my kids were jumping up and down on mama’s. last. nerve.

And then, something happened.

She laughed at my kids’ crazy antics. She said she just popped out to give us some fresh-cut flowers from her garden. It started to sprinkle, and guess what?

It didn’t matter.

Sometimes, happiness looks likes wildflowers on a rainy day. We just have to slow down enough to see them.

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I wrote this as part of Blog-tember. Today’s prompt was simply to write about what makes you happy. So, I want to know: What makes you happy?


4 thoughts on “what makes you happy?

  1. I needed this. I get so caught up in the big picture, which I think is a good thing to an extent but I think happiness comes from being content with where we are now, enjoying the little things in life and not always worrying about where we’ll be but being thankful for where we are.

    1. Yes! So often we hear that joy trumps happiness, and I think I’ve forgotten that it’s actually ok (good, even!) to slow down and feel happy. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Adore.
    Your post made me laugh (several times!), made me think…and left me with a satisfied, war, fuzzy feeling.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your Blog-tember entries (and will come back for more of a poke around when I have more time!)

    1. Thank you so much, Helen. I do appreciate all your kind words. You know us writers love affirmation! 😉 Haha, but really, thank you! I’m glad you could connect and I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts, too.

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