run your race: what i'm passionate about

passionate about loving people in kingdom ways many sparrows blog

Whether you know me from this little online space or we’re face-to-face friends, you’ve probably gathered there are certain aspects to this life that really make my heart beat.

Really, I’m passionate about people. About all people knowing how treasured they are. I want women in the Middle East who are fighting to keep their families together to know that they precious they truly are in His sight. I want little ones who are waiting for families to feel the deep and wide love of a mom and dad who love them desperately. I want those in the margins, those who have faced things I can’t even begin to fathom — I want them to know that they matter.

I want to encourage college students and empty-nesters and young professionals that this is it. Like Jennie Allen so aptly writes in Restless — we have this one precious life to throw off what hinders us and run our race. God forbid we miss out on the story we have been uniquely created to live.

I want to empower all of us, even (especially) moms who spend days buckling seatbelts and wiping sticky hands, to do something. To use our voices for good. To develop relationships that matter. To stop competing and start working toward a common goal of more life-giving love and less of judgment of ourselves and others.

I’m passionate about people breaking free from the tangles of the world and living a story worth sharing. I’m passionate about a God who breaks every chain and creatively and actively pursues His creation with reckless abandon. I’m passionate about you and me and him and her living and sharing our stories, word by word, paragraph by paragraph.

What are you passionate about?

I wrote this from the blog-tember challenge writing prompt. (We’re on day five!) Today’s post was inspired by this: “I’m passionate about _____.”

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14 thoughts on “run your race: what i'm passionate about

  1. this is such a lovely post! i think it is so important to remind people that they matter, that there story matters & their life is important. have a great weekend!!

  2. I love that phrase (I also noticed it’s part of the tagline of your blog) “living a story worth sharing”. It’s a big part of the way I try to live my everyday life, as well.

  3. I just discovered your blog! It is wonderful and has me fired up. I am passionate about focusing my marriage on Jesus and helping others to see what goodness can come from a relationship built on a solid foundation. I am passionate about celebrating others, traveling, blogging, healthy lifestyle transformations, and inspiring others. Thank you for sharing!

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