black & white party dresses

black and white party dresses dresses for a black and white party

I’m heading to the Influence Conference later this month, and it kicks off with a black and white party for Mocha Club. (Eee, love that! I geek out over theme parties.) I have some LBDs in my closet, but I’d love to find a new black & white dress (well, new to me, you know I feel about consignment) for the party, because I’ll actually get to:

1) Wear heels without chasing a toddler

2) Don a dress without getting marker/boogers/oatmeal/ALL THE THINGS smeared on it from said toddler

(Let’s be honest, I’m kind of accident prone and I’ll probably end up tripping down stairs and/or spilling chip dip on myself.)

I have some thredUP credits (which, if you haven’t used thredUP, go here now and we both get $10!) and I’ve been scrolling the endless pictures of pretty dresses and found about five billion pieces I loved, but narrowed it down just a bit. What do you think?

black and white party dresses many sparrows blog

1. Anna Sui For Anthropologie Casual Dress  –  Retail Price $190.00 $38.49 80% off. This dress looks so soft (100% silk) and feminine. It’s a great price for the piece, but I’m thinking that it might be better for something a little more formal.

2. Bcbgmaxazria Silk Dress –  Retail Price $498.00. On sale for: $80.99 84% off. This embroidered dress has some vintage glamour, which I love because you know I have a flair for the dramatics. I’m not sure about the slight empire waist, though. I always think those look like maternity dresses, and I’m definitely not expecting. Still, it’s so pretty.

3. L.A.M.B. Cocktail Dress– Retail Price $238.00. On sale for: $37.49 84% off. I really like this cocktail dress. Shorter frocks with long sleeves are always fun for a party, and this one  kind of has a mod/retro touch. I also like the stark black and white (instead of ivory) and the pop of blue makes it playful. 

4. Banana Republic Casual Dress – Retail Price $36.00. On sale for: $9.49 74% off. I’ve found that I rarely go wrong with Banana Republic. I wish this was on a mannequin so I could see how it wears, but for under $10, I’m sure I could find a place for it in my closet. The pattern is playful, but the cut is modest, which means it’s versatile — good for work or church functions, not just parties.

5. Trina Turk Casual Dress – Retail Price $268.00. On sale for: $53.49 80% off. They say horizontal stripes are bad, but with the boatneck and tied waist, I think it could be flattering. I really like this, because it’s a modern twist on a very classic look. I’m just worried it’s too summery.

black and white dresses

6. Nanette Lepore Cocktail Dress – Retail Price $398.00. On sale for: $79.49 80% off. You can’t get more black and white than this cocktail dress. The blocked colors are fun and it’s just waiting for a statement necklace. This piece gives classic colors a youthful take, but might be well suited for a formal affair rather than a girls’ night party.

7. Nanette Lepore Casual Dress – Retail Price $348.00. On sale for: $86.99 75% off. This is so pretty, but I can’t fathom ever spending $348 (the original price!) on it. If I were still working in the office, I’d definitely lean toward something like this. The belt cinches around the waist and this would look so good with classic black pumps. A las, my daily wardrobe is jeans and a tee, so even at 75% off, it might be a little too pricey for me for how much wear I’d get out of it.

8. Cotton On Casual Dress  – Retail Price $24.00. On sale for: $6.49 73% off. I threw this summer dress in here because I like the print and it could look cute layered with a black cardigan and tights. It’s only $6.49, which is so affordable! I’ve never heard of “Cotton On” — it could be cheap quality.

9. Jay Godfrey Cocktail Dress  – Retail Price $238.00. On sale for: $42.99 82% off. A LBD is a must, and if you’re like me you have a few keepers that you can pull out of your closet for a plethora of events. I keep gravitating toward this — I love how flowy it is, while still staying true your shape and keeping a good fit. (At least from what I can tell online.) It has a gold zipper up the back, which gives it a touch of glam. This could be a great piece for weddings and date nights. (Because we have so many fancy date nights!)

10. Collective Concepts Casual Dress – Retail Price $78.00. On sale for: $18.49 76% off. This little ditty is kinda wild, and I kinda like that. However, it might be a bit much. I’m hoping to meet a lot of new friends at the conference, and I’m not sure I want to be remembered as the girl with the crazy dress.

So, what do you think? I love crowd-sourcing and I actually would love to hear your thoughts. 

I’m so thankful that my husband thoughtfully surprised me on our anniversary with a ticket to the Influence Conference — something I would have never had the guts to purchase myself. I love how things have fallen into place. I’ll be helping share the Prosperity Candle story while I’m there (Head’s up, I may or may not have the sweetest little candles with me to give away. Find me!), seeing friends I don’t get to see often, rooming with fabulous friends (Yay, Madison + Erin!), and dining with a group of ladies that up until now I’ve only known through their blogs. All on top of the amazing lineup of speakers. (You can check out the schedule here.)

Are you going? Let’s be friends! I’ll be the girl in the black and white dress. (Wait, that’s not helpful at all, is it?) 😉

10 thoughts on “black & white party dresses

    1. I know, I love it, too. So classic. My mom sent me a message that she liked that one because it looked like Audrey Hepburn, haha. 🙂 This is Jonny’s fave too. When I told him that’s what you picked, he said I have to get it if my “husband and friend in NYC liked it.” Hahaha!

  1. I love #1! So cute, looks like you can’t go wrong with any of them though! I’ll be at the conference too! Can’t wait to see which one you pick! 😉

      1. I haven’t been before either! I was unable to go last year but I’m so excited! Yes would love to meet you at some point! I have no idea what to expect or pack, I’m from Texas where it doesn’t feel like fall until November (or December!) So I’ll have to pull out my fall clothes early! haha

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