i need dairy free recipes!

dairy free recipes

Meal planning is the worst. Or maybe I’m just really bad at it. All I know is this mama has been spending way too much at the grocery store and I’ve been stumped for meals for awhile, so it’s back to the drawing board I go.

Except, problem: I dusted off my favorite cookbooks and realized that I can’t make any of these go-to weeknight meals. They all have dairy!

Asher (who’s nearing that 18-month mark at the end of September!) is allergic to the milk protein, and though lots of people say he’ll outgrow it, he’s still can’t keep dairy down. If milk/ice cream even touch his cheek, he breaks out in a rash. It’s sad.


Plus side: I’ve found that substituting vanilla soy milk in baking recipes actually makes some dishes tastier. (I especially find this true for pancakes!)

But when it comes to recipes that use heaping amounts of cheese, sour cream, and milk, I’m totally stumped. And I never realized how many recipes require that stuff. And, to put another problem to the mix: We live in small-town USA where people run on meat and cheese and, a las, I have no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to help me as a flail miserably in my meal-planning. It’s not fair for me to make family dinners that my little guy can’t eat.

So, I’m putting out a request for you: Where do you get your dairy-free recipes?

Is there one really awesome cookbook I should buy? Or a site I should become a regular on? A Pinterest search gets so overwhelming, and some of those blog recipes just seem like a fail waiting to happen.

Please help me! We’ve been subsiding on fajitas and spaghetti.


7 thoughts on “i need dairy free recipes!

  1. Okay, first thing’s first. Breathe. Whew. It’s sooo hard to make a meal when you have an allergy in the family. I feel ya. When all of my allergies were announced, I just about gave up and actually the hubby stepped in for most of the cooking because I was so overwhelmed. Dairy wasn’t the main one I avoided, so I can’t give specific recipes there (although we do primarily drink unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead) but I can give you my favorite resource. I was doing a lot of grain-free meals and Elana’s Pantry was my go-to. I did buy her cookbook but a lot of it is also online. You do have to order some specialty stuff but she points you to some online resources to do that. Because she is on a paleo diet, she had a similar mix of things I was avoiding (although not all) and dairy is one of those things. Here’s her list of dairy-free: http://www.elanaspantry.com/dairy-free-recipes/ You can do it!

    1. Ah, thank you! All of this is helpful. The thing I’m finding is that I just want basic, easy dinners, and a lot of dairy-free recipes seem to take more time than I have, or they have ingredients I don’t have access to. Do you use a food processor?

  2. Silas has a milk protein allergy as well. We discovered it around 7 months old and confirmed it at 11 months. He’s always tolerated it in baked goods, and we were told to give him as much of that as we could to help him grow out of the allergy. At 23 months, he is able to have it in baked goods and cheese (although, he doesn’t actually like cheese unless it’s on pizza). I’m sure you probably know this, but I was just recently told by our allergist that they will tolerate the protein in this order: baked, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, straight milk. Silas still reacts to anything after cheese on this list, so while our cooking has gotten a little easier in the last few months, we still have to watch what he eats. Add a random Chicory Root allergy and I’m a label-reading fool!

    I’m not sure the severity of Asher’s allergy, but I’ve found the most luck with just substituting ingredients. I made a list of all of the meals that I make and starred any meals that absolutely cannot be made without dairy. Those were my go-to meals if Silas was at Grandma’s or someplace like that. At some point he started to tolerate cream soup and this made life easier as well since it opened up the world of casseroles. Here is a list of some meals I make that are dairy-free.
    Chili, Salsafied Chicken and Rice, Chicken Noodle Soup, Breakfast for dinner (if he can handle the baked milk in pancakes, or do egg bake and sub almond milk and no cheese), Fajitas, Tacos, Spaghetti, Made Rites, Baked chicken and veggies, Calzones (Leave the cheese out of his), Foil Packs

    We’ve also done Silk’s yogurt (in the Health Market at HyVee), even though we don’t do much soy, it’s a lot cheaper than the almond yogurt. You’ve probably also found Earth Balance Buttery Spread. It’s vegan, so dairy free. I found it at WalMart and in the Health Market at HyVee. Also, Oreos, while not the healthiest option, are actually dairy-free.

    Wow, that was a book and probably more information than you needed, but hopefully some of it was helpful!

    1. Shannon! This is SO beyond helpful! Asher can tolerate it in baked items like cookies or pancakes or bread, which is super helpful! Yesterday he ate a sandwich that had traces of cheese and threw up. :/ But maybe the fact that he can have baked items is a good sign! All of these suggestions are so helpful — thank you for helping me out! 🙂

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