31 days of living free: identity

31 Days of Living Free: Rooted love for women who dream | Many Sparrows // Identity in Christ Thomas Birthday

When Joseph meets someone, he boldly introduces himself. “HI. I’M JOEY CRAIG. I’M FOUR.” And if he really likes you, he adds, “I HAD A THOMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY.”

He just puts it out there. He knows who he is and he owns it.

I have a hard time with that. I grapple with my identity, and I think others do, too.  We fall into believing what we are defines who we are.

When I meet someone, I fall into describing the boxes I put myself in. Wife? Check. Mom? Yep. Writer? That, too.

And all of those aspects are parts of me, absolutely. But if I let my family define me, if I let work define me, if I let all those little parts make up the root of who I am, I’m missing the point.

Because here’s the deal. And it sounds so simple but there’s big truth to it: I don’t have to find identity in roles and titles or in what I’ve done (or what I haven’t done) because my identity hinges on one thing: Jesus. 

I can be bold, I can live free, because of Christ in me. That’s it. That’s everything. My identity is secure, so I don’t have to worry about being enough. And that’s incredibly freeing and empowering. I can stand firmly in those wedge booties I just got (my husband hates them and I will not apologize because I’m totally rocking them) and I can stop trying and just say, I’m Kayla and I’m a daughter of the king. (I did not have a Thomas birthday, total bummer.)

At Influence Conference, Jamie Ivey talked a bit about identity in her session. She said, “We need an identity change — God has already given you an identity, and it trumps everything else. We can easily forget our identity. We forget that we’re set apart. Remember that you are called to walk in the marvelous light.”

So, consider this your reminder today. Whether you’re a single student who wants to be in a relationship or small business owner trying to gain traction or a wife who is waiting to become a mom, remember that everything your heart aches for is there for a reason, but your truest identity is already there. You’re enough because He’s enough.

When we’re rooted in the truth of where our identity lies, we can truly live free.

31 Days of Living Free: Rooted Love for Women Who Dream | Many Sparrows Blog

This is the first of 31 daily posts of living free. Living freely is something we do momentarily, but to fully live free? That’s a transformation — a total change not only in what we’re like, but in who we are. You can find all the 31 Days of Living Free posts here

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