31 days of living free: how to keep dreaming big (and giveaway!)

firemancostume2At some point in our lives, we stop dreaming. We learn too much about this big world of ours, and we start believing the lie that we are not enough.

Oh, we know about childlike faith, of course. We think it’s sweet and worth a pat on the head and then we go on with our busy, real-world lives.

But what about if we had faith to believe that we are capable than more than we can imagine?


What about if we believed that the future was ours for the taking? That we have this one race to run, so we might as well go all in?

I want eyes like Joseph. I want his four-year-old wonder who believes that dreams are worth chasing. I want his pure heart that whole-heartedly believes that anything really is possible with God.

We let people put out the flames that God has set in our hearts. Year by year, a little more of that light gets snuffed out. But I couldn’t and I could never and that’s not how it works flood our minds and infiltrate our souls.

31 days of living free // Many Sparrows Blog // Fireman Costume

Why do we lose our footing? How do we go from that confident little one playing in the sandbox to an adult who’s afraid to use her voice?

As a mother, I want to raise children with firm footing. I want them to be rooted in love and confident to lead courageous lives. I want them to take risks and be passionate and fight for justice and love mercy and walk humbly.

How do I do that?

Step one: Show it. Be the kind of woman who my littles can look up to. How can I expect to do my part in raising up a generation who is brave if I’m not brave myself?

31 days of living free // Many Sparrows Blog // Fireman Costume

I want to raise boys that are gentle and strong, bold and thoughtful, compassionate and wise. I want them to do hard things and persevere and see people’s worth and dignity, and that means seeing it in themselves, too.

I really think parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends and mentors have such a privilege and an honor with influencing the next generation. They are waiting and they are watching.

Will we empower them to embrace the men and women they are made to be?

31 days of living free // Many Sparrows Blog // Fireman Costume

My prayer for my home is that we would raise world-changers. That this time I’m spending investing into the precious hearts of my little ones matters because what they learn and feel and see and hear at home will greatly affect the men they become.

31 days of living free // Many Sparrows Blog // Fireman Costume

(You may have noticed, Joseph has had a blast dressing up as a firefighter. One Step Ahead generously sent over a costume for him, and I can’t tell you how cool and realistic it is. I usually think of dress-up clothes and Halloween costumes as low-quality, but I’m beyond impressed by the craftsmanship of this costume. It’s super detailed and thick and truly a replica of authentic firefighter gear. Hop over to One Step Ahead and get your little person’s costume — you’ll have durable, comfy play clothes that foster imagination and will last well beyond Halloween!

31 days of living free // Many Sparrows Blog // Fireman Costume

They also have some super cute new costumes such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Roscoe the Robot, Darlin’ Dragon and NFL Players. They also have sweet holiday accessories, like their exclusive Pumpkin, Spider and Candy Corn Treat Bags!)

Halloween Treat Bags // One Step Ahead // Many Sparrows Blog

One Step Ahead has so sweetly offered to give away a cute little plush Halloween tote/treat bag for a little person in your life. (Winner gets to pick which one!) Enter below — we’ll randomly draw a winner Monday so you get your goodies in time for trick-or-treating!

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23 thoughts on “31 days of living free: how to keep dreaming big (and giveaway!)

  1. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. You’ve shown that so clearly in your blog today, Kayla. All mothers, young and old should remember that and not give up on living a life that pleases God.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement, and thank you for raising a man who is all the things I pray my boys become. 🙂 Love you!

  2. It sounds like you are doing a great job raising your little. I have always tried to lead by example with my son. The fireman outfit is really cute.

  3. What an inspiring little fire fighter you have on your hands. It is so very important to never stop dreaming. I don’t know what I would do without my hopes and dreams.

  4. I love his costume – very cute! I agree that it’s important to set a good example and be strong for our kids.

  5. Those are all great hopes for your son. I hope my girls grow up to be thoughtful, independent, and caring individuals, If I see that in them, then I know I’ve done my job right.

  6. It sounds like you are a wondering and caring mother. We need more of you in the world. Your son’s smile could make the dreariest smirk, he is adorable!

  7. My dream is for my kids (big and small) to be at peace in their heart, and content with their lives.

    That being said, these are some of the best pictures I’ve seen. What a cutie pie! And that’s a great fireman outfit too.

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