let's have coffee (and free coffee for you)

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Review // Kona Blend // My Morning Routine //

I’m not what you’d call a morning person

A typical rise-and-shine routine for me looks something like this: I fall out of bed and manage to see a few fuzzy shapes on my way down as I fumble for my Coke-bottle glasses. I stumble past the mounting pile of laundry, narrowly avoiding waking up my four-year-old, who has snuck into our room and is drooling on my pillow, again. I avert my eyes from the mirror, because my morning hair is Marge Simpson meets Medusa. I open the door and it squeaks ever-s0-slightly, but I feel victorious, because I have escaped unscathed. I shuffle down the hall in a sleepy haze only to be enthusiastically followed by a now-wide-awake preschooler. Dumb door! I rub my eyes and trip face-first over a Lego while receiving orders for hot oatmeal and apple juice.

And scene.

It’ll come as a surprise to approximately no one that sweet, glorious coffee helps this tired mama come out of her snoozy, stumbly state. I rarely get my morning quiet time in before the little people need to be watered and fed, but that sweet little spot in the morning comes after the kids are eating breakfast.

I’ve been sneaking in front of the tree, hot coffee in hand, with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Advent devotional. Five minutes of peace? Joy to the world.


One of my favorite things about my coffee is that I can make it in less than a minute. Before we got our single serve machine, I’d make a pot and never have time to drink it all before it cooled off. (I once tried to microwave it and let me tell you, that was not a high point in my motherhood journey.)

I was approached by Cameron’s Coffee, a specialty coffee roasting company based out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, for all you non-Midwest dwellers!), to try their new single serve line. They’ve done some rebranding, and with it, have released a pretty impressive line of single-serve coffees. Instead of the typical plastic cups, they’re actually little pods with coffee filters.

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Review // Kona Blend // My Morning Routine //

There are 12 Single Serve Filtered Coffee flavors to choose from, but I stayed classic and chose to try the Kona premium roast.

I appreciate that it allows the machine to brew coffee through a filter, cutting down on plastic waste and that chemical taste (ew!) that sometimes happens with plastic cups. (And, these soft pods are BPA free and polystyrene free!)

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Review // Kona Blend // My Morning Routine //

Cameron’s Coffee is actually running a pretty fun campaign right now to spread the word about their line of single serve coffees (which are sold in packages of 12 for around $7.99, but I snagged some at a local grocery store for $5.99!).

Free coffee, free coffee!

The #crushthecup campaign: Make a super quick video on your phone “crushing” a plastic single-serve cup and upload it here. Each person who does it will get a free (yes, free!) box of Cameron’s Coffee, shipped to your door! Yes, please.

Here’s Joseph, who thoroughly enjoyed getting to crush a cup. (What four-year-old wouldn’t?)

Make your own #crushthecups video to receive a FREE box of Cameron’s Single Serve through December 22nd, shipped to your home!

Disclaimer: Cameron’s Coffee sponsored this post, but reviews and rambles are my own, of course!

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