my hilarious & awkward 7th grade new year's journal

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

So, New Year’s, amIright? 

Though I took a bit of a blogging break in December, lucky for you, I had the foresight to procure fodder for a hilarious New Year’s-themed post.

I want to introduce you to a little composition notebook that I unearthed from my childhood twin bed.

Before there was Many Sparrows, there was this gem for me to attempt to use my words, started on January 1, 2001. As most of my resolutions go, I updated it for about one week.

Say hello to my little friend, Kayla’s 2001 journal. (I was 12 and a diary was so passé.) A little back story to set the scene: I was living in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota and my biggest life problem was that I once started crying at the Mall of America because my dad pointed to a shirt that said 99% BRAT 1% ANGEL and joked that I should buy it. Also, my screen name was glittersparklez13.

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

Entry #1 | Date: 01/01/01 | Written with: Pink pen

Today is the kewlest date ever. (You read that right. The kewlest!) One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write/keep a journal. Yep…so I am supposed to be doing my American Studies but omg I think Ms. Evenson is such a dip! LOL well yeah so @ Angela’s party it was fun. I was really mad about my camera, but then I fixed it. Yep when it turned New Years every1 was like ok let’s go back now. (Go back where? In time? To bed? What does this MEAN?) hehe well g2g ttyl (AOL Instant Messenger was really popular and clearly translated into my journaling) ❤ Kayla

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

Entry #2 | Date: 1/2/01 | Written with: Orange gel pen

hey. Today I got my bottom braces on. They hurt really bad. Now it is officially on paper…BRACES HURT. haha. I got an invitation to Laura’s party. Its @ the Teen Center. There is no guys so that means, NO JEFF. Cuz before she said she might.

This pen smells like orange. Yum it’s kinda strong though. Ok I just had to take Alaska (my dog) outside and then she pooped inside. Jeez I had to pick that up too. Nathan (my younger brother) was supposed to be watching them for just 1/2 an hour. Guess that was just to (I had clearly not grasped the correct usage of too, to, and two yet) hard for him. Man…man teeth hurt. I am on my bed and guess what? Now I am watching Dobi (my other dog) cuz Nathan’s doing “homework,” I doubt it. Gosh I still haftta (yes, haffta) read science and do vocab 4 spanish. Yuck well g2g do “homework” yep. So g2g, I bet Nathan is just like playing Dreamcast (HAAAAA) now. Well bye cya ❤ Kayla.

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

Entry #3| Date: 1/3/01 | Written with: Purple gel pen

hey. Today was a pretty cool day, but this morning I didn’t wanna get up (as is everyday). OK before I tell you — YUM this pen smells like GRAPES!

Anyways, then it was school & blah blah blah! But after school, we haddta go drop off Nathan, and Dad was gonna meet up with him but we couldn’t find it! (As any good little suburban family, my dad commuted downtown in the city, but on this night we were venturing into the concrete jungle to drop off my brother with my dad so they could have a guy’s night at the Minnesota Wild hockey game.) We drove around for like an hour. (Probably 15 minutes.)

Jeez I think all the big building just seem so like professional and exciting!

But after we finally found dad, me and mom went to Miss Congeniality. It was really good. I would have given it a 9 and Mom would have given it an 8 or an 8 1/2. Yum this pen reminds me of Kool-Aid and the Purple Popsicles. Yum! I am in bed cuz it’s late and I am watching TV (3rd Rock from the Sun) (Getting on that Joseph Gordon Levitt grind early!). Yep, well G2G. Love Ya! (hehe, yea a journal!) ❤ Kayla

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

Entry #4 | Date: 1-6-01 | Written with: Blue gel pen

hey. What is shakkin’ you funky journal? LOL j/k lol, ok sorry about all those LOL. hehe. (Was I lucid when I wrote this?)

Yesterday was Laura’s party…it was a lot of FUN! OMG guess who was there? Jimmy and Kyle’s brother and this other kid Dylan. Every1 was sayin that Ryan liked me (Amber!) but really it was just cuz we were like talkin. So yeah me & Olivia played hockey (So Minnesotan of us!) and it was pretty fun. I think that Dylan kid is a jerk though. G2G, write more later! ❤ Kayla

Entry #5 | Date: 1-7-01 | Written with: Green gel pen

hey. Guess what? Yesterday I was really busy. Okay 1st of all I had to babysit David & Ryan (ages 2 and 4) then went ice-skating w/Ashley at 4:45 – 6:30. Cept we got cold so  then we went inside to call Cameron (Ashley’s new boyfriend, thanx to me & Olivia) and he just walked IN. It was so weird! So then we went back out side and then came in and watched Clueless. (Obviously.)

Then Amber called and wanted us to get read to go to her brother’s hockey game at RHS. So then we did and her friend Brooke was there and she goes to RMS & is in 7th grade too. So then we saw these 2 guys & Ashley stole their lil hockey puck they were playing with and ran into the bathroom. Theyre names were Andy & Eric and so then we just hung out with them but Amber was kinda a loner and 1 them, Andy, the uglier one, but OK, was Brooke’s cuzin. (7th grade Kayla was a MEAN GIRL! I’m pretty sure I had a glittery keychain from Claire’s that said, “It’s not my fault I’m perfect” so…yeah.) And Eric was really cute and he said he has a g/f named Kayla. Isn’t that freaky? Well I g2g I think someone is coming! TTYL ❤ Kayla

Embarrassing Journal Early 2000s Teen Girl Mortified Nation New Years Diary

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