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Conversation Heart Valentine Party Decor
I rocked cowlicky bangs and thick wire glasses in elementary school. I was a chronic teacher’s pet and I wrote more than one letter to our senator requesting updated technology in our computer lab. I was quite the catch.

You're a Blast Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

When Valentine’s Day rolled around, I put down my Babysitter’s Club books and was giddy to hand-pick valentines for each student in my class. I methodically picked the ever-so-subtle “BE MINE” for the class charmer and the lackluster “Happy Valentine’s Day” for the mouth-breather that sat behind me. I dotted i’s with hearts, applied coordinating stickers, and affixed mini Snickers with style.

Layered Heart Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

I adorned my shoe box with Lisa Frank puppies and more glitter glue than any one human should ever have access to.

I loved Valentine’s Day.

Thank goodness that teachers had the common sense to require that students brought valentines for each person in the class. This rule allowed me to feel like a queen when the end-of-the-day classroom party came around. The mysterious red punch would glug into Dixie cups and volunteer moms would show up with little pink cupcakes. And finally, we’d grab our bags of valentines and I’d float across the classroom, stopping to deliver little envelopes to each desk like a little valentine fairy hopped up on too many conversation hearts.

Milk & Cookies Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

And then, the best part of the day came. It was the moment we all (maybe just me?) had been waiting for. It was time to crack open our boxes and collect our valentines. I’d unwrap each one, pouring over what each little card said, dissecting the true meaning from each pre-made message. I didn’t know then that most boys just scribbled their name on each perforated Power Rangers card, randomly stuffed them in envelopes, and only did it because their moms made them before they could play Super Mario Brothers.

Love Machine Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

Because I’m me, I have about 27 years worth of dramatic Valentine’s Day stories. (Some of them sweet and most of them embarrassing — remember this post about my first Valentine’s Day with Jonny?)

Now that I found my forever-Valentine (awww) and I have two mini-valentines of my own in the form of Joseph and Asher, I’m looking forward to the day when I can help them make their own little love notes for their friends.

Love Bandit Classroom Valentine's Day Cards
If you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day inspiration, my favorite online design + print shop is Minted, by far. Their quality is amazing, and you can get a pack of custom classroom valentines fairly reasonably. I’m really swooning over these foil cards. (Mamas, no need to bend over backwards on some Pinterest craft!)

But here’s what I’d really love to know: What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory as a child?

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