hope springs forth: it is good

pink purple tulips in vase // Lent devotion, Many Sparrows Blog

I woke up to a toddler in fuzzy footie PJs lying on top of me, and rolled over to meet my other son’s little brown toes aiming for my face. Throughout the night, we managed to attract a two-year-old, a four-year-old, and an over-weight dog under the covers of our queen bed.

This morning, as I collected morning kisses and caught a view of my bedhead, I felt like royalty.

I saw the firetruck sitting on the bookshelf and a foam sword resting on a reading chair. I scuffled my feet against the hardwood floors that could, as always, use a good sweep. And as I made my way to the kitchen, I felt slow, noticing the little pieces that make up our story, and it felt good.

It is good.

It is good to be where I am, waking up to big bear hugs and Mickey Mouse cartoons and a husband who makes me strong coffee.

This week has brought a glimpse of spring, and with it, a renewed sense of hope. I felt myself losing that hope this winter, as the streets iced over and snow kept coming and I felt stuck in my castle, surrounded by little people and feeling alone. The harsh winds of winter blew out my light and I was left just feeling as cold as the bare branches I watched from my window.

I know, I paint such a dramatic picture, right? But honestly, I didn’t even realize how heavy my heart was until this week. Maybe I was seriously deficient in Vitamin D (most women are), but fresh air and sunshine has breathed new life into these dry bones. I’ve been grabbing my two sweet little boys of mine and going on walks and having park adventures and throwing sticks in ponds and it has been good.

It is good.

I’ve been trying to tune my heart to trusting God in this new year. (Remember this post?) I want to listen and obey and dwell in His never-ending grace. I’m walking that path believing His goodness never runs out, never gives up, and never fails.

Spring always follows winter. Always. Flowers bloom, birds sing, and the Earth becomes alive again.

Our God is in the constant state of renewing all things. And here I am, in all of my mess, getting called a daughter of the King. A King who is renewing my heart and my mind and my soul to reflect his unchanging love. And He shows me His love through this heart-bursting, awe-inspiring journey of raising up two little boys to know just how good He is.

It’s just so good.

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” (Psalm 62:5)

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