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Many Sparrows Blog // Motherhood, Faith, Style, Humor // Kayla CraigWe had a whirlwind weekend. We headed to our hometown to celebrate Asher’s second birthday (photos coming soon!) with our immediate families. I felt all the feels trying to process that our tiny little baby is now a wild and free toddler. (Remember his first birthday?) Our trips back are always jam-packed because there are so many people we love and want to spend time with. But all good weekends have to come to an end, and we made the trek back home late last night. (I have to say, there is something so comforting about walking in the door And now I’m sipping coffee while the kiddos eat their oatmeal. I’m attempting to wake up and put my game face on for the week!

So many of you entered the giveaway to win Savor by Shauna Niequist and Women Are Scary by Melanie Dale. Wondering who won?

Let’s draw some winners!

Congrats, ladies! I know you’ll love digging into both of these lovely books. Expect an email from me today!

I, on the other hand, won’t have time for much reading this week. I have some freelance writing and photo editing to finish up, and then I’m prepping to head to Kansas City for Go Blog Social this weekend. I’m so thrilled to be roadtripping with my friend Erin. (Are you going? Please let me know!) I’ll also get to visit my grandma, which I’m totally excited about. Let’s be honest — grandmas are awesome and you should always jump at a chance to spend time with them.

Oh, and we have some big news brewing that we’re hoping to share soon. Not to be vague (okay, yes, totally to be vague), but we hope to spill the beans sometime this week.

What plans do you have this week? This month? Let’s connect on Instagram. (I’m there much more often than I am here!)


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