and the total is…

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Friends, I’m blown away! I’m so humbled to announce the total from our Shop Our Closets fundraiser for our upcoming adoption. But first, can I just say: Thank you!

  • Thank you to all of my amazing friends who generously contributed items from their closets. Without them, this sale would have been 1/15th of the size! I’m grateful for such sweet friends. And it’s a bonus that they happen to be very well dressed. 😉
  • Thank you to each person who bid, and bid, and bid some more for our sale. Some of you I know, but many of you I don’t. Thank you for being part of our story.
  • Thank you to the generous ladies behind Graystitch, Rapped with Luv, and @FabFindsFash. You ladies went out of your way to donate and offer to bless our family. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.
  • Thank you to all of you who shared about the sale on your blogs and social media accounts. The Internet can be used for good.

Oh, and remember that necklace giveaway? The winner is: Alexis! Thank you for all of the ways you shared and promoted our adoption fundraiser. Expect this pretty necklace in the mail. 🙂

Now: Joseph wants to share a special number with you. Because of your closet contributions and purchases, our grand total is…

adoption fundraiser shop our closets for adoption instagram auction raising money for adoption fees adopt without debt

Whoa, right? We are so grateful, and this will definitely help us as look to our upcoming adoption fees. When you gather ladies to shop for a cause, amazing things can happen! When I started getting the wild idea to make this happen, I wasn’t sure what it would look like — I’ve never seen anything quite like this before! (In fact, Instagram kicked me off on Monday night because I posted too much!) 🙂 You ladies showed up and gave out of your hearts and I’m definitely a little bit teary. At the end of this story, there is a little one (or little ones) who will be part of our family, forever. I’m not sure my mama heart can express what that means to me!

Now it’s time to write invoices and email winners and pack and ship! If you won an item, you’ll receive an email from me within the week — hopefully this weekend. Then, there will be directions for shipping and payment.


Some of you have asked how you could donate: You can donate securely via the button below, or send via PayPal Friends & Family to: I don’t think there are ever words to express the gratitude that comes with something like this. Thank you!

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