5 myths about foster care

May is National Foster Care Month. Misconceptions and myths abound when it comes to foster care, so when Bethany Christian Services asked me to share this infographic, I didn’t only learn a few things, but I knew I wanted to share with you guys, too.

Every child deserves a voice, and a safe + loving family.

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What stands out to you? For me, it’s #3.

“Most children in foster care are there because their birth parents could not adequately care for them.” That breaks my heart.

Do you have an experience with foster care? My prayer is that as believers, we would trust God to live out the call to be His hands and feet to a broken world.

For more, check out my friend Kaia’s absolutely amazing post about going from being a busy mama of four young kids to becoming a foster mom to becoming an adoptive mom, too.

What a tremendous gift it is to be a mom. What a blessing it is to be a family.”

4 thoughts on “5 myths about foster care

  1. I have two nephews and a niece adopted out of foster care and I know countless other families who have done the same! It is a wonderful way to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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