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Fringe Hours Giveaway Many Sparrows Blog SurveyI’ve been creating and changing this little corner of the Internet for five years. Over that time, I’ve entered and exited stages of life, and Many Sparrows has been an outlet to create content, communicate my heart, and connect with an amazing online community.

the survey says…

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been around awhile. I know your lives are so beyond busy, so thank you. I so value you, but the weird thing about the Internet is that I’m not always sure who you are! And as I dream up new directions for Many Sparrows, I need your help. Would you tell me who you are? And what makes you, well, you?

I’m doing a short blog survey to catch a glimpse into who you are and what content you connect with (and what you don’t!). 

giveaway time!

A book that has been so helpful to me as I spin lots of plates and try to schedule out my day has been The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. I read it last year and I’ve already been flipping back through the worn pages, gaining inspiration for using my time well. If you fill out the blog survey, you’ll be entered to win a copy, because I know you’ll love it, too. This isn’t a sponsored giveaway, I just bought an extra copy to share with a friend, and maybe that friend is you! To enter, just enter the survey below. Make sure to include your email address at the end!

i can’t wait to hear your thoughts

I value your honesty and I won’t share your answers with anyone. I’ll announce the winner Thursday, along with results from the survey. (My friend Natalie did this, and I found it incredibly interesting!)

If you don’t see the survey below, click here.


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