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Real Life Justice Influence Network Class by Kayla Craig of Many Sparrows Blog. What is justice? How do we care about justice in our daily responsibilities?

Justice isn’t a warrior. It’s not a King riding in on a white horse fighting the bad guys and saving the day.

My kids love knights and dragons. I’m not sure how that happened or when it exactly occurred, but they are totally into it. For Halloween, my five-year-old insisted on being a knight, and my two-year-old just had to don a dragon costume. (A little bit fitting for their personalities, actually.) Even at their young ages, they have a sense of justice. Of fighting the bad guy and saving the day. And that’s kind of how I’ve always viewed justice.

But God’s justice? The real life justice that, if we allow it to, can fuel head knowledge into our heart and out of our hands?

I’m humbled, excited, and certainly nervous to be teaching an Influence Network class on Real Life Justice tomorrow night. It’ll be a live online class, with the ability to purchase and watch later if you’re not able to log in for the live teaching. I’m fighting the lies in my ear, whispering “your voice doesn’t matter” and “you’re just a mom” and “your platform isn’t big enough.”

Real Life Justice Influence Network Class by Kayla Craig of Many Sparrows Blog. What is justice? How do we care about justice in our daily responsibilities? What does Jesus say about Jesus?

As I’ve researched this class, as I read books from theologians and teachers who are much smarter than me, as I started to dig into God’s word, I sat up late on my couch and realized something.

Justice isn’t what I thought it was.

We begin the journey to justice by “being of the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. This mind-set calls us toward an emptying and toward a taking on the form of servants.” (A Many Colored Kingdom)

Justice is the ministry of reconciliation.

Justice is attentiveness to the Holy Spirit and participation in his initiatives. “The kingdom of God is a communal initiative of the Spirit.” (A Many Colored Kingdom)

True justice is when we bring the kingdom of God into a situation. If God is the Just One and we’re bringing his values and ideas into a situation, we’re bringing justice.

We often think of justice as: I hope that guy gets what he deserves.

But the justice of the cross says: You don’t get what you don’t deserve. You get freedom and life-everlasting.

Seeking real-life, Kingdom justice is discovering how to extend that freedom and grace to others. How do we throw open the doors to the throne of grace and live that inside-out, upside-down Kingdom justice? How do we do it as busy mamas? As professional women? As wives? As daughters of the King?

So, I hope that you’ll join me and the Influence Network as we see what God’s word says about justice, and we talk about real-life application, too. I’m learning that listening is profound, and small is big. I’m learning that God’s heart is for the hurting, and mine should beat in sync with His. I’m learning that His grace lights a flame in the darkness of injustice — and that it’s big enough to cover us all.

Let’s live like we believe the little things we do every day really matter. Let’s dig into Scripture and breathe compassion, mercy, and love as busy mamas. As professional women. As wives. As daughters of the King. Justice is a big word — but what does it mean? Join us as we discover the different ways God’s heart beats for justice — and how to enter into the renewal of all things, no matter who you are, what your gifts are, or where you’re at in the journey. Teacher Bio: Kayla Craig is a full-time journalist turned work-at-home mama. She’s married to a shaggy-haired pastor, and together they’re raising two sweet (and wild) little boys in the heart of the Midwest. She’s a mom via birth and international adoption from West Africa. She’s is currently in the adoption process again, as well as expecting in April 2016. When Kayla’s not chugging coffee or sweeping cheerios, she’s tickling the ivory keys of her old school MacBook, encouraging women to dwell — and become active participants — in the Kingdom story God is writing. She writes about finding worth at


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