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Looking for a good read? I recommend these blogs (in no particular order).

There’s a good chance I missed your blog. Did I? Let me know!

Friends Who Blog

  • Little Things + Big Stuff (This is one of my favorite blogs. Natalie has a degree in journalism and a master’s in social work. She’s super creative and blogs about being newly married, being a social worker, adoption + foster care, and maybe someday soon being an adoptive mom.)
  • Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One (This is also one of my favorite blogs. I went to college with Justine and she is a hilarious and talented lifestyle blogger based in New York.)
  • Life According to Ugo (The story of how we met Ugo and Amy Nwagu is a blog post all on its own. Short story: Through what can only be described as God-ordained circumstances, we met at an airport in Nigeria + I ended up staying with this amazing couple for 2 months while adopting Joseph. They consider Kansas homebase but currently live and work in Lagos, Nigeria.)
  • Emily Sparkles (Emily is a great writer. She is a freelance writer + a substitute teacher, and a good friend, too. She describes herself as a ‘topical gypsy.’)
  • Learning How to Follow (Jonny is a seminarian and a guy who really wants to follow Jesus. He is smart + funny. He is also my husband.)
  • Origami Crane (Derek has been my husband’s BFF since middle school, and he + his wife Kristen are more like family to us. Derek blogs about living a Jesus-centered life. It’s not an ‘adoption’ blog per se, but they do happen to be in the adoption process from Uganda!)
  • Good and Happy Life (Ashley is a good friend who is amazingly creative in all aspects of life!)
  • Great Hair, Dodgy Morals (Caitlin is so cool. Almost too cool to be my friend, but she is anyway. I went to college with her and she is a Brooklyn-based writer and freelancer. This Tumblr is mostly photos + graphics.)
  • Anderson Way of Life (Erik is Jonny’s friend from seminary + he and is are pretty cool. Like, California cool. Their blog is funny + thoughtful + designed well and they just happened to start the process of adopting from Ethiopia.)
  • Creative Theology (The blog title kind of explains it all! We go to church with Sam + we think he’s a cool guy.)
  • Visualities Videography (I went to college with Shelley. She is a TV reporter turned wedding videographer who recently moved to the Colorado mountains. She’s super sweet and if you’re getting hitched, you should contact her!)
  • The Character Project (Jeremy is a great friend who is also a great writer and thinker. His job is in social media, so his posts are always written well. He writes about defining character, one day at a time.)
  • Pics, Pages & Purls (I know Katrina from church, and quickly learned that she has a huge heart for others. She blogs to chronicle her creativity.)
  • Leaming Log (Mandy is an introspective writer, teacher + mom. I like having her as a friend and I like reading her posts!)
  • Even Me (Nicole blogs about cool stuff like moving downtown and eating healthfully and going to awesome shows. I like her.)
  • Sweet Talk Michelle (Michelle is another j-school friend. She is a great baker + will probably have her own talk show some day!)

Adoption Blogs

  • We Have Room (Heidi is a 30-something nose-ringed mom to ten-going-on-something stellar kids (4 via her belly and 6 via adoption from Ethiopia), children’s book author + lover of justice. This family really follows Jesus and not the American Dream. Refreshing. God used the Weimers’ family story to encourage us on our adoption journey.)
  • Rage Against the Minivan (This is one of those blogs that ranks on my must-read list. I don’t know Kristen, but she’s the mom of four children within four years via birth + adoption, and has been blogging since 2006. It’s far more than an adoption blog. She’s witty and well-versed in pop culture, and also willing to talk about stuff that matters. From her bio: She also indulges in sleep-deprived rants about parenting, poop, adoption, politics, race, religion, social justice, and various other subjects that her mother warned her not to discuss in public.)
  • Moments with Love (I met Love through Twitter and I’m so glad I did. She is mama to four beautiful girls and three beautiful sons, who came to their family through adoption. Oh, and she is also pregnant with twins! She has great taste in design + she writes with such grace and peace. This blog is definitely worth reading.)
  • Jason & Jen’s Journey (Jen lives in Iowa + chronicles her family’s journey of adopting three kids from Congo, plus the domestic adoption of an infant. I’ve met Jen and she might be the most informed person regarding adoption + attachment, and she writes with transparency and grace. I have learned so much from reading this blog!)
  • Jody R Landers (I don’t know Jody, but I really wish I did. She has 6 kids (4 bio + 2 from Sierra Leone), but this is not a ‘mommy blog’ by any means. Her writing is honest + humble and she is amazingly smart. She lives in Seattle and is ‘passionate about seeing a world where the adoption of orphans is not necessary and the extreme poor are given the dignity and power to change their own lives. Serving as Chief of Tribes at’)
  • Fosterhood in NYC (OK, admittedly most of my adoption links are Chrsitian writers. This awesome blog shows a different perspective — a secular, very educated twenty-something in NYC chronicling her experience with her foster daughter being reunified with her very under-resourced birth mother.)
  • Team Sullivan (Though the Sullivans live in Iowa, I don’t know them personally, but I do know that they’re passionate about following Jesus and loving kids who are so often forgotten. They have one son who was adopted from Ghana and two biological kids. They’re also in the process of adopting daughters from Ghana.)

Parenting Blogs

  • Busy Mommy (I met Emily via Twitter. She’s a young mom, graphic designer and photographer based in Des Moines, and her blog is all-things modern mom related. Good stuff!)
  • Tiny Twig (I found this blog through Pinterest — huge win! Love the design + the content. I could spend hours here. She’s all about all about inspiring women to create lives of more passion and less fuss.)

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