pursued: the anderson family

You know how you have friends, and then you have your people? Let me introduce you to the Andersons. They are our people. Like, really. They are. I wish we lived closer, because we’d probably get into a lot of trouble together and it would be awesome. I want you to watch their story in […]

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created for care

If you’re an adoptive mama — or if you know one — I really want you to read this. Because registration for Created for Care is this week, and it is an absolutely amazing retreat for moms who’ve added to their family through foster care, domestic, or international adoption. I had the privilege of attending the […]

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the grand total is…

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I decided to sell half my closet as an adoption fundraiser. I was a bit over my head at times, but you know what? Together, we pulled it off. Most of the 75+ items sold within an hour on Facebook and Instagram. We raised $700 […]

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shop my closet adoption fundraiser and necklace giveaway

Dresses, blouses, tanks, adoption tees, shorts, skirts, denim, cardigans, necklaces, earrings, bags, scarves — pretty much all of the things are ready to go for my Shop My Closet fundraiser for a Nigerian-American family adopting two waiting girls from their home country. Items from: Banana Republic, Gap, Elegantees, Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, and various boutique brands. […]

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cleaning my closet

I’m embarrassed. You see that overflowing mess? That’s my closet. I finally caught up on the laundry pile we lovingly refer to as Mount Washmore, and the over-abundance of clothes makes me feel kind of terrible. I’ve been holding onto clothes for ridiculous just in case scenarios. I need this old bridesmaid dress just in case. I […]

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kitchen sink thoughts on motherhood

Sunshine filtering through the windows, robins playing on the front lawn. A content baby with bedhead and lots of sloppy kisses. It was a happy morning. Jonny was taking Joseph out for daddy-son donuts, before dropping him off at preschool. Glancing out the window, I rolled up my sleeves to get started on the dishes, […]

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