parenting: expect the unexpected (and always have diapers ready)

As my bump grew and we prepared for Asher to join our family, I thought I had a good grasp on what I needed to know about parenting a little one. I wasn’t a first-time mom and I already had one son — would adding another be so different? I didn’t factor in that Joseph […]


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fight messes in style

This may come as a surprise, but little kids are messy. Shocker, right? From the backyard to the kitchen, my dudes are in a constant state of stickiness. As soon as I’m done wiping Asher’s juice spill, Joseph has decided to give himself a pedicure with mama’s lip gloss. (Yes, this actually happened. And yes, my beloved Burt’s […]

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adding a baby to the mix

When will you have kids? That’s the question you start getting asked as soon as you say I do, if not earlier. And when you bring a little one home, the question changes ever-so-slightly: When will you add another? And after that happens, the question morphs a little more: How many do you think you’ll have? […]

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what is babywearing?

I’ve been wearing Asher since he was a week old, and I wore Joseph continually for eight weeks before his adoption was finalized — and for the fist year he was home. I get a lot of questions and comments when people see me wearing Asher (who is almost four months old — where is […]

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beginnings + endings.

I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of emotions and dirty diapers for the past two weeks. On March 29, 2013 at 8:29 a.m., we welcomed Asher James into the world. I was blessed with a safe and smooth labor + delivery. And Asher is adorable and sweet and very loved by mama, daddy, and big […]

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planning a nursery: giraffes + letters + owls + fabric + stuff.

When I think about our little guy making his debut here, I get really excited for a lot of reasons. Obviously. But I’ve only recently gotten excited thinking about his room. Yay!                           Decorating and nesting are so trivial when I think of the big picture, but I’m all about creatively repurposing and remixing handmade, […]

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