thanking teachers this Christmas

Teachers deserve a thank you. More than that — they deserve a standing ovation.Ā TeachersĀ invest all they haveĀ into our most precious gifts, often quietly and without fanfare. When I had the chance to partner again with Hallmark, I knew who I wanted to buy a Christmas giftĀ for — my son’s teacher. Joseph is in his first […]

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play with your kids

ParenthoodĀ is a straight-up adventure. TheseĀ imaginative little boys of mine take me on wild rides all the time. And while there are certainly times when I want to tuck-and-roll, most of my motherhood moments are magical. My heart swells when IĀ see them slay dragons and fight fires and tackle monsters. Sometimes I have to remember toĀ toss […]

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sharing a sweet future

As a magazine journalism major, I had big dreams about changing the world with my words. While there was a side of me that had stars in my eyes for glamorous glossies, the other part of my heart was torn to write the stories that really mattered. I wanted to combine my inquisitiveness and passion […]

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