which season of life are you in?

The view from my living room window. Fall’s warm-hued leaves bravely holding onto the trees, fighting against a heavy early snow. The sleepy sun rising from an autumn slumber, yawning and stretching its arms, embracing the trees, whispering, wake up. But the leaves, they’re tired. The weight of the world is too heavy. They f […]

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reverse trick-or-treating

My friend has a favorite saying: Do small things with great love. We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something. Even tired and busy mamas of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. This morning I got together with a few other moms to do something a little special for folks in a local retirement […]

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patience at the pumpkin patch

I’d been hearing the rallying cry all day. “Pick punk-in! Piiiick punk-in!” A certain little boy in our house was beyond himself with excitement. He was going to navigate the corn maze and eat popcorn and feed the goats and, of course, find the perfect pumpkin. Because we were going to the pumpkin patch. Visions of […]

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easy DIY fall decorating

We recently moved, and part of turning our house our home has been the tiny tweaks and touches that come from DIY decor. The weather is gorgeous today, and we decided to take advantage of it by making our front door a little more welcoming, just in time for fall. Jonny repainted the door, which […]

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There’s a little baby in there! [15 weeks]

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There’s a little baby in there! [15 weeks]

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Spiced pumpkin cupcakes. So, so yummy.

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