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women are scary (and another giveaway, boom!)

Women are Scary. (You may see that I capitalized Scary, because it’s just that important. All my editing experience goes out the window when emphasizing blanket statements on my blog.) So, just to reiterate: Women are Scary. I realize that this … Continue reading

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marriage & life lessons from improv

I met my husband in a theater arts class in high school. It was a first hour class and I’d stumble into my seat in West High’s little theater just before the final warning bell rang. I secretly wished we’d be numbered off in … Continue reading

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my hilarious & awkward 7th grade new year's journal

So, New Year’s, amIright?  Though I took a bit of a blogging break in December, lucky for you, I had the foresight to procure fodder for a hilarious New Year’s-themed post. I want to introduce you to a little composition … Continue reading

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moms, you will relate to this

This video is one mama’s “apology” to her friends without kids, her funny confession as to why she has been so distant. It’s pretty on-point, and definitely relatable. Like, all of it. The texting, the one-hour nap, the cheese on the … Continue reading

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patience at the pumpkin patch

I’d been hearing the rallying cry all day. “Pick punk-in! Piiiick punk-in!” A certain little boy in our house was beyond himself with excitement. He was going to navigate the corn maze and eat popcorn and feed the goats and, of … Continue reading

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dramatic thoughts on tornados

So, our Friday night had some unexpected excitement. Like gather-the-family-and-head-to-the-basement-because-a-big-tornado-is-coming-excitement. If excitement is the right word for it. Probably more like stressing the heck out because we are hippies that don’t have a TV and apparently also unprepared hippies because … Continue reading

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I was all dressed in green with suspenders and you were in red with suspenders. And basically we were living out the levels of Super Mario as Luigi and Mario. We got to the final level and were about to … Continue reading

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