planning a nursery: giraffes + letters + owls + fabric + stuff.

When I think about our little guy making his debut here, I get really excited for a lot of reasons. Obviously. But I’ve only recently gotten excited thinking about his room. Yay!                           Decorating and nesting are so trivial when I think of the big picture, but I’m all about creatively repurposing and remixing handmade, […]

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Nothing could make my husband happier than being able to grow beard. So, in honor of the Mr., a post on beards. How awesome is this beanie/beard combo? Buy one. Beard me. This fine piece of art is titled, “Weirdy Beardy Named Damon.” Not much else to say. He kind of looks like the Monopoly […]

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pom poms.

I’m kind of in love these. They’d look adorable in a nursery, no? Tutorial here. I’m putting these poms on my list of future projects. Hopefully they’ll turn out better than my recent attempts at crocheting flowers. (Eeek!)

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