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kingdom in the kitchen

I’m so thrilled to share my talented friend Nicole’s words with you today about the intersection of food + God. Kingdom living spreads to every aspect of our lives, and food is a big part of it. I’m a convenience … Continue reading

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dramatic thoughts on tornados

So, our Friday night had some unexpected excitement. Like gather-the-family-and-head-to-the-basement-because-a-big-tornado-is-coming-excitement. If excitement is the right word for it. Probably more like stressing the heck out because we are hippies that don’t have a TV and apparently also unprepared hippies because … Continue reading

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finding joy in an ordinary day

Joy + gratitude are so easily over looked. Sure, we feel it in the big moments: When we hold our sweet babies for the first time, when we look into the eyes of our spouse and say ‘I do’, when … Continue reading

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31 days: living the kingdom at home

Thy kingdom come. Easier said than done, right? Join me as I embark on a 31-day blogging journey exploring what it means to live a life centered in the Kingdom of God. Join me as I attempt to shed the … Continue reading

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