Not Pastor Daddy, Just Daddy

This guest post about living a Kingdom life when nobody’s watching was written by my husband. You can read more of his work here. I am a pastor. Which is, like, a professional Christian. I get paid to read the Bible, to have coffee with people, to talk about Jesus. I’m not going to lie, it’s […]

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skipping church

I’m skipping church this morning. I’m writing this in my pajamas while my baby is sleeping and my three year old is dancing — spinning with his arms reached high — in the living room to worship music. I wanted to go to church today. I love the community and checking in with people I […]

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dramatic thoughts on tornados

So, our Friday night had some unexpected excitement. Like gather-the-family-and-head-to-the-basement-because-a-big-tornado-is-coming-excitement. If excitement is the right word for it. Probably more like stressing the heck out because we are hippies that don’t have a TV and apparently also unprepared hippies because we lacked a working flashlight, too and WHERE’S THE DOG and DO WE HAVE A […]

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build your kingdom here

I’ve done enough talking this week — how about something else? This is ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ by Rend Collective Experiment, a self-described “eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists” from the North of Ireland. Their words are sticking to me today. I’m really feeling the need for the Kingdom here. Are you? Come set your rule and […]

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remembering our stories at home

The littles are in bed, my work is done, and finally, I’m hunkering down with my laptop and a nice cup of (decaf) coffee. Whew. So, where do we begin? Maybe you get heavenly stars in your eyes when you start thinking about the Kingdom of God. You’re ready to make radical Kingdom decisions. To […]

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