bibdanna giveaway winner(s)!

As someone who rarely wins things (what’s up with that?), it’s fun for me to be able to share giveaway swag with my friends, especially when it’s a product as fun as Graystitch bibdannas. This giveaway is extra fun, because I got to draw two winners. a Rafflecopter giveaway Congrats, Megan and Natalie! I’ll shoot […]

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fight messes in style

This may come as a surprise, but little kids are messy. Shocker, right? From the backyard to the kitchen, my dudes are in a constant state of stickiness. As soon as I’m done wiping Asher’s juice spill, Joseph has decided to give himself a pedicure with mama’s lip gloss. (Yes, this actually happened. And yes, my beloved Burt’s […]

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when beauty blooms

As I sip my coffee and watch the sun rise above our quiet town, I think about the beauty that surrounds me. The rainbow of tulips blooming, my one-year-old’s wobbly steps, the dripping icing on the cinnamon rolls. These beautiful things are gifts that often blur into the business, splashes of color that get muddled on the canvas […]

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when my little world goes quiet

When the growing-too-fast baby snuggles into his fleecy pajamas, cozying into his crib. When the jumping-off-the-walls preschooler nods off, nestled under a fort of blankets. When the juggling-a-million-plates husband’s eyelids fall heavy as he reads the little ones just one more story. When my little world is fast asleep, I’m wide awake. My days are filled […]

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just the way you are

I’ve been a frustrated mom lately. I’ve lost my patience, bubbled over, and felt guilty about it…only to have it happen all over again when the juice cup spills for the fourth time. Joseph likes to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood — a new, animated spin on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The show is aimed at preschoolers, and touches […]

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