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may flowers

Oh, May. I’m so ready for you. I grew up celebrating May 1st by making May Day baskets. I lovingly decorated plastic cups with stickers and construction paper, fashioning handles from pink pipecleaners. I filled each basket to the brim … Continue reading

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when he said try, i said why?

You guys, you have to watch this video. This is 22-year old student Kristyl J. L. Smith, performing spoken word about the challenges she has faced living with sickle cell disease and how she has met and overcome those challenges. … Continue reading

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quiet down, cobwebs & dust go to sleep. i'm rocking my baby & babies don't keep.

If you’ve ever done a drop-by at our house, you know that there’s sure to be toys scattered on the floor, dishes piled in the sink and probably one child without pants on. And I think I’m okay with that. … Continue reading

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evidence of a king: found words on John 20:11-18

A little over a year ago, a  friend asked me to pen a few thoughts, poetic in nature, on John 20: 11-18 (where it’s revealed that Jesus had risen). We hoped to put some music to it, but things got … Continue reading

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i cannot close my home.

Though I was born an orphan,Abandoned and alone,Enslaved and bound in darkness,Without a hope or home,The God of grace and mercyFrom his eternal throneOrdained to be my FatherAnd claim me as His own. That I might be adoptedThe Father sent … Continue reading

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