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what her profile picture won't tell you

A quick scroll though the newsfeed. A like here. An eye-roll there. Another status update. Another picture. We become numb to it all. And we keep scrolling. And we forget. We forget the breathing, real-life people behind the snapshots in … Continue reading

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government shutdowns, facebook + the kingdom of god

So, you’ve probably heard that the U.S. government is in shutdown-mode. (If you’re confused about it, you can learn about the hot mess express here.) And chances are, you’ve probably read a gazillion Facebook statuses and tweets about it. And … Continue reading

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loud quiet

Loud quiet. That’s what fills the silence most days. Glancing through Twitter feeds, scrolling through Facebook updates. Joseph plays and I half-heartedly watch, glancing at my right hand, never without my iPhone. Always updated, always connected, alwaysmostly present. My iPhone. My glorious, glorious … Continue reading

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