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31 days of living free: behind the scenes of a working mom

Living free: What does it mean, really? How can we really be women who live free when our hearts and our work and our homes weave us into sticky webs that can be so tricky to navigate? I’m so, so thrilled to … Continue reading

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31 days of living free: identity

When Joseph meets someone, he boldly introduces himself. “HI. I’M JOEY CRAIG. I’M FOUR.” And if he really likes you, he adds, “I HAD A THOMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY.” He just puts it out there. He knows who he is and … Continue reading

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free proverbs printable: trusting god in the unknown

I recently found out that the budget for my section of the magazine website I’ve been working for is getting slimmed, and unfortunately, that means my position is getting slimmed, too. I totally understand, and really, I’ve been blessed to … Continue reading

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